Engineered Wooden Floors

We supply and install predominantly European produced, high quality brands of engineered flooring. These come in a range of plank boards, 2 strip and 3 strip.


Engineered flooring is multi-layered in construction, with a hardwood timber wear surface, a middle core layer and a bottom layer of veneer (which provides further stability). These 100% wooden boards (as shown above) are finished in numerous coats (5/6) of high quality UV hardened satin laquer. The surface coatings are applied in dust-free conditions and are baked on to provide a flawless finish. Precision made, each joint matches perfectly, so no filler is required.

Engineered Timber Species
With a number of timber species there are a variety of finishes available, from whitewashed or stained, to antiqued, hand-scraped or beaten. Additionally there are a number of different "grades" within a species, some have wood knots giving a more rustic appearance, whilst others have fewer of the features naturally found in wood.

Some of the more unusual engineered timbers are only available intermittently; they are subject to timber availability, supply and demand. However, in addition to those listed, Swinard Wooden Floors will attempt to source specific engineered timbers especially for you, providing they are available from sustainably managed forests.

Please discuss plank size preferences when requesting a quote.

Photo and Sample Disclaimer
The photos on this website and samples lent to you by Swinard Wooden Floors are provided as a guide only. Please remember that photographic colour may vary from the actual wood due to translation and reproduction limitations.

As a floor is made up of many pieces of timber there will be more variations in grain and colour than can be shown in either a photograph or sample; wood is a natural product and no two pieces are the same. Character variations are to be expected.

Size of Planks
The standard size of planks is approximately 140x1900x14mm, unless otherwise stated. However, longer and wider boards are available in most timbers.

Further Product Information
Engineered flooring can be installed floating over foam or acoustic underlay, or else glued over acoustic underlay or directly to the existing subfloor. The subfloor will be cleaned and prepared for the appropriate installation and moisture barriers will be used to prevent moisture being transferred from the subfloor. See under Methods of Installation for further details. Engineered boards are less prone to expansion and contraction, however some manufacturers will not guarantee their product for use in areas of high moisture content, such as bathrooms and laundries. It is important to discuss and consider your requirements and product choice during the quotation process.

For every square metre of solid wood, four square metres of engineered flooring can be produced. As with our solid timber products, it is grown in forests which are carefully managed to ensure they remain sustainable. As you are choosing a finished product, the final floor is likely to be extremely close to your initial choice. Prefinished engineered flooring is ready to walk on immediately after installation.



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