Solid Wooden Floors

This type of flooring comes in a huge variety of timber species. You also have a choice of board widths and finishes

The boards are supplied 19mm thick, and vary from 65mm to 200mm wide, depending on the timber type chosen. After it has been installed, fillers (which have been carefully matched to your wood species) will be used to stop any gaps. Next it will be sanded and finished with 2/3 coats of either polyurethane or oil. Considered to be part of your house, rather than just a floor covering, solid wooden floors greatly enhance the look of your home or office. Choosing a solid timber floor enables you to consider a wide range of options to individualise your floor - from bleaching or staining the timber, designing your own inlays and patterns, to a number of sheen levels in the polyurethane finish or a wax and/or oil coating.


In addition to the timbers listed here, Swinard Wooden Floors are happy to source specific timbers and widths of boards especially for you, provided they are available from sustainably managed forests.

Photo and Sample Disclaimer
The photos on this website and samples lent to you by Swinard Wooden Floors are provided as a guide only. Please remember that photographic colour may vary from the actual wood due to translation and reproduction limitations.

As a floor is made up of many pieces of timber there will be more variations in grain and colour than can be shown in either a photograph or sample; wood is a natural product and no two pieces are the same. Character variations are to be expected.

Widths of Boards
The standard widths of boards are 85mm, 128mm and 180mm, however many species are available in other widths. Board widths can change between shipments. Please discuss board width preferences when requesting a quote. (See Timber Width for more information).

Sanding and Finishing
Once installed, your solid timber floor will be sanded and then coated in either polyurethane, oil or oil/wax. It can also be stained darker or lighter. Please see under Sanding and Finishing for full details of this process.



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